09 November 2011

07 November 2011




04 June 2009

niceONE is DEAD !
evolve to a greatest view
stomp down streets of JAKARTA again
pre launch for an Evil plan...
countdown ...
starts from..

16 April 2009


and once again mr.kemz ,i like how u put the green with that black and cream bro,..its always about the green, am i right hommie?
and its noanine again,.. i kinda luvs the pieces that he draw,..its simple but yet it awesome
another koma slug's...
the amazing koma with his huge character,..shit its reaaly huge man..
its a reaaaally sunny days with koma,noanine and kemz..ive got crazy ideas to put a skull inside between my pieces hahah,oyeah zeus said want to pieceing too, but he dont show up till the production finish,
the whole wall i update soon, im still waitin for zeus and the others

13 March 2009

The Deadliest

fuckin goddamn hot,its like 140' celcius out there,.. actually i paint with kemz and ems5 but i dont have their flix or a whole wall tough,sorry guys.. soon i update y'all